Preventive dentistry is a field of dentistry that aims to preserve oral health through the application of preventive measures, educating the patient about all aspects of proper oral and dental care. Preventive dentistry is carried out using simple treatments of all tissues present in the oral cavity. The specialist dental office of Dr. Nenad Babić, as part of its preventive dentistry activities, works to raise the level of awareness of patients about the importance of oral health.

Oral health means much more than just healthy teeth and occupies a significant place in the overall health status of a person. It is known that the oral cavity is full of bacteria, mostly harmless, and with adequate oral hygiene, the body's natural defense system is able to keep them under control.

It is extremely important to maintain and monitor oral health. In addition to dental health and a beautiful smile, you can detect some other diseases whose symptoms can manifest in the oral cavity with regular check-ups at the dentist. By taking preventive action, you protect your health and avoid later complications.

However, in some cases, bacteria can get out of control and cause problems of a local nature, such as caries or gingivitis (inflammation of the gums). If there is no timely response, bacteria break through the defense barrier and enter the bloodstream, when they become extremely dangerous and responsible for numerous systemic diseases and pathological conditions. Sometimes systemic diseases manifest themselves in the oral cavity at the earliest stage. With their timely diagnosis by a dentist, therapy can be started on time, that's why regular checkups are invaluable for overall health.

Prevention Dr. Nenad Babić

Our main goals of preventive dentistry is to recommend and provide the most effective, proven measures and means for their prevention based on modern scientific facts about the etiology of diseases.

Regular maintenance of oral and dental hygiene as well as regular dental examinations are the simplest, most economical and very effective ways to prevent diseases of the teeth and mouth.

We recommend visiting the dentist every 6 months (and more often if necessary). As part of these visits, we provide regular removal of soft and hard deposits, as well as motivation and education about oral hygiene.

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