Repair and treatment of teeth

Caries, gum disease, tartar deposits, as well as inflammation of the dental nerve (pulp) are problems that patients face every day.

Replacement of lost teeth

With the help of modern technologies and materials, we painlessly restore the smile on the face of our patients, as well as the health and function of the teeth.

Contemporary implantology

Modern implantology provides solutions for all types of toothlessness and is an ideal solution for all those who are dissatisfied with classic prostheses.

Modern orthodontics

Orthodontic appliances, as well as accompanying surgery, enable both the young and the elderly to adequately implement orthodontic therapy with fantastic results.


The health of your teeth is in safe hands

In order to provide you with excellent dental care, along with a friendly word and a pleasant atmosphere, our team of doctors will always welcome you with useful advice and professional assistance.

We stand behind our works. We provide a guarantee for all types of interventions and treatments that we provide.

The equipment and materials are the most modern tools in the field of dentistry.

We employ a team of trained experts and associates with many years of experience in the field of dentistry.

Meet our team

Our professional team of dentists will make sure to provide you with a modern and professional service in accordance with the highest standards.

Dr Nenad Babic

dr Nenad Babić

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dr Bojana Šuput

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Modern dental office

Dr Nenad Babić

Dr Nenad Babić

Dr Nenad Babić

Dr Nenad Babić

Dr Nenad Babić

Dr Nenad Babić

What our patients think

Writing comments and recommendations has always attracted a lot of attention from new patients who were looking for a dentist.
Therefore, take a look at the comments of some of our patients, and we will be glad to meet you.

  • Svi su pazljivi, korektni.

    Ilona Milanovic Avatar Ilona Milanovic

    Najbolja stomatološka ordinacija u Pančevu. Sve pohvale...

    Spale Kovacevic Avatar Spale Kovacevic

    Odlični, sve preporuke!

    Dragana Avatar Dragana
  • Vrhunski stručnjaci 🏆 Timski rad 🥇 Pozitivna energija 🌞 Moje omiljeno mesto 😁 👌 Sve preporuke od ❤️

    Maja Polić Avatar Maja Polić